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Savvy Guests are Talking:

June 2018, Rose Hills, KS (Savvy Treasures of Italy)

"Outstanding and incredible trip! The owner, staff and emergency contact show class and excellent customer service and it's obvious they care about their customers!"

October 2017 Review from Julie (Savvy Treasures of Italy)

Service at Savvy is hands down fantastic!!

August 2017 Review from John, Hanover MA (Venice, Florence, Rome Classic)

"We had a fabulous vacation in Italy! It was the perfect balance of informative tours and relaxing fun. We loved all the cities we visited and would happily return each city. On all of the tours the guides were friendly and informative. The train journey between the cities were comfortable and timely; the hotels locations were convenient to all the walking tours and each of the three restaurants chosen had delicious meals and we were treated well. In sum we would book with Story for any future tour!"

May 2017 Review from Rose Ann, Columbus OH (Savvy Best of Italy)

"Thanks for a great trip! The hotels were great and the breakfast layout was outstanding! The hotel staff, tours and tour guides were fantastic! I really can't say enough good things about this trip!"

April 2017 Review from Fran & Barry, Aurora, CO (Savvy Treasures of Italy)

"The whole trip was awesome! We ate at your recommended restaurants and they were awesome. It was an amazing trip! I loved the destinations and everything was planned out perfectly!"

May 2016 Review from Penny & Dave, (Aurora, OH) (Savvy Treasures of Italy with Papal Audience)

"I just wanted to let you know our Italy trip could not have gone better! All hotels were suitable to our needs and well located. The tours were all excellent and logistical planning was perfect. By using the company's services it enabled us to travel as we had "planned", but without having to do all the planning!! Thanks again and I will be sure to share our positive experiences!"