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Florence: Pizza and Gelato Making

(Tour #251):

Half-Day Tour
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A truly enjoyable and memorable experience awaits. At evening, your cooking class will begin. You will be taught how to make Italian pizza in oven with a professional, famous local pizza chef, called pizzaiolo. You will learn how to make tender, flexible yeast dough that stretches to almost paper-thinness. An apron and cooking utensils will be provided, along with all the ingredients for pizza. In addition, you'll even be taught the trick for a flavorful, yet light, tomato sauce. Even if you bake pizza in your own oven, these techniques are universal and using them will really make a difference. With the pizzaiolo, you'll make your very own pizza --- you'll stretch it, sauce it, bake it, and slice it. It will most likely be the best pizza you've ever tasted, and you will have made it yourself! Wine tasting or soft drinks will be included when you enjoy your pizza dinner.

Next it's time to learning how to make gelato! Our chef will tell participants why gelato remains Italy's favorite dessert while giving an insight to the 'gelato culture' that continues grow. We continue describing the principal raw ingredients used for base and selecting the best products available according to specific principles, which will be followed by a presentation and tasting of many of the flavors used in gelato making. You will learn how to develop and apply natural colors. You will also be taught the heating and freezing techniques and how they have different effects on the ingredients. Just know that you will be one of the few to know the recipe of the world's most beloved dessert --- Italian gelato!

At the end of the class, you will receive an official "Graduation Certificate" which may take home and frame!

This activity is strongly recommended for most everyone, but especially for those who wish to learn about the Italian culture.



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