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Venice, Doges Palace, St. Mark's and the Bridge of Sighs

Venice Option:
Doge's Palace Secret Itinerary

Tour #101

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You will be provided with a preferred, fast-track, Skip-the-Line entrance ticket to the Doge’s Palace, so that you do not have to wait in the long line to enter.  Your professional guide will introduce you to this impressive palace and will help you to learn about the history of the political power of the Venice Republic when it was at its zenith.   

The Doge’s Palace, built in the impressive Venetian Gothic style, was the home of the Doge, who was the Supreme Authority of the Venice Republic.  This exclusive tour will take you back in time, as you walk through this vast and amazing Palace, which was arguably the most important site in all of Venice in its day.  Your expert English-speaking guide of the Doge’s Palace will point out all the significant artifacts within the Doge’s Palace.  You’ll visit the Doge’s Apartments and stand in awe at the magnificent, richly-decorated rooms, the amazing sculptures, as well as the masterpieces of famous artists such as Titian, Veronese, and Tintoretto as you explore the rooms in this sumptuous Venetian palace.  

Your guide will also show you the spacious enclosed courtyards as well.  In addition, your guide will lead you to the terrible dungeons, where the famous Casanova was imprisoned.  Your guided tour will also visit the ancient entrance of the Doge’s Palace, the Giants’ Staircase with two statues of Mars and Neptune, the Lodge Atrium, the Golden Staircase with the marble statues of Atlas and Hercules, as well as the Institutional Chambers.  

So what's the secret?
Finally, this outstanding tour of the Doge’s Palace also will provide you with the opportunity to cross the famous Bridge of Sighs. The Bridge of Sighs refers sadly to the bridge which connects the luxurious Doge’s Palace to the stark prisons in the next building, which you will get to experience up close and personal.  It is said that prisoners would “sigh” one last time as they looked out the windows of the bridge onto beautiful Venice, realizing that they would no longer be free, but would now be prisoners in the infamous prison located next to the Doge’s Palace.

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